The Move By Design Training System in Renton WA

What is The Move By Design Training System in Renton WA?

Chiropractic Renton WA Move By Design

There are so many different approaches to training from CrossFil Bootcamps, Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting to walking on a treadmill, long distance running, machine based training and hundreds of others.

In order to determine the best system for you... you will need to start with one simple question...

"What are my goals?"

If your goal is to complete a marathon, become good at the sport of fitness or you judge the quality of your training based on how dose you come to vomiting... The Move By Design Training System is NOT for you.

Meet Your Goals in Renton WA

If your goal is to get stronger, more mobile, lose body fat, increase your stamina, improve blood flow, digest your food better, sleep more soundly, feel better about yourself and live longer, all while NOT injuring yourself, NOT vomiting, and NOT crushing your body every single workout... The Move By Design Training System is for you.

The Move By Design Training System focuses on the 4 requirements of healthy movement:

  1. Mobility
  2. Strength
  3. Conditioning
  4. General Movement

Here are some general principles when attempting to implement this system of training into your health programming.

  • All programming should be designed to accomplish improvement in each specific area OVER TIME.
  • Training sessions must be part of a larger customized program and not simply a randomized pattern of exercises determined on a daily or weekly basis.
  • The actually movements, exercises. repetition schemes and set numbers are dependent on your age, training experience, fitness levels and goals.
  • Your progress should be monitored and your program continually tailored to YOU.

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