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At Lakeside Spine and Wellness, we believe every human being is designed to be extraordinary. Living a life filled with purpose and excitement, as well as feeling alive and healthy in Renton WA, is not an exception to the rule - it's what we consider a normal life.

Primary Pillars of Health in Renton WA

The Lakeside Spine and Wellness method addresses the primary pillars of incredible health - fuel to nourish and rebuild; movement to create more energy, mobility and strength; mindset to establish clear goals and habits; and structure to protect the vital communication system required for everything else to work as designed.

The Lakeside Spine and Wellness method is a comprehensive approach to building the foundation for a healthy life. Testing, customization and follow-up are hallmarks of all successful health programs and of the professional team at Lakeside Spine and Wellness.

We can help you meet the requirements for an extraordinary life by introducing you to the four fundamental categories: Power, Eat, Move, and Think By Design.

  • Power By Design. A strategy that helps to restore optimal brain - body communication through specific corrections to the spine.
  • Move By Design. Delivering the most-effective impact in the shortest amount of time to support full joint mobility, strength, power, and endurance.
  • Eat By Design. This is a strategy designed to ensure you get the essential building blocks that your body needs.
  • Think By Design. Optimizing the mind to help you clarify beliefs, improve self-esteem, and realize your soul purpose.

If you have any questions, call our team at Lakeside Spine and Wellness and start your chiropractic journey in Renton WA today.


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