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Eat By Design in Renton WA?

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Nutrition in Renton WA is a field littered with so many experts and opinions that it becomes difficult and ultimately frustrating for people to 'figure out' how they should be eating for optimal health. How do you choose between Atkins, South Beach, Eat Right for Your Blood Type, Low Carb, High Carb, Low Fat, High Fat, Vegetarianism, Veganism, and hundreds of other approaches?

The answer to healthy eating in Renton WA

I think the answer may be much more simple. If we wade through all the hyperbole, the mass marketing done by organizations with billion-dollar budgets, and the gurus, we find some universal principles governing the nature of food, its purpose, and how to best integrate these healthy practices into our families’ lives. In those who have been able to do so, the results have been nothing short of miraculous. But the miracle is not in the food itself; instead, it is the amazing potential it unlocks in our incredibly designed bodies.

Us vs our ancestors

Multiple authors have suggested and published supporting evidence that our paleolithic ancestors and surviving "uncivilized" tribes were and are incredibly healthy. Heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, degenerative diseases, depression, decreased fertility, acne, and obesity were almost non-existent in their cultures (even in those who lived past 60). By comparison, we are sick and progressively getting sicker. It is no coincidence we move less, drink polluted water, breathe polluted air, eat less fruit and vegetables from soil with fewer nutrients, eat less protein (most of the protein we do consume comes from sick animals or dairy from sick animals), consume more total carbohydrate and a higher percentage from grains and highly processed food sources.

Simply, our sickness crisis can be highlighted by one irrefutable fact: "Our genes have barely changed and we live a lifestyle that is now alrnost unrecognizable. Living incongruentiy with our design has pushed us away from our natural state of health. "

The solution is matching up what we eat with what our genetics have developed, and it's actually quite straightforward. Each species has an optimal diet that does not differ between the species. The same is true for humans. What is optimal for one is optimal for another. Of course, there may be subtle variations in amount and sources, but the basic foundations are straightforward: Vegetables, meat from healthy animals, eggs, minimal to moderate seasonal fruits, minimal nuts and their fats, and minimal seeds. Missing are grains, whole or otherwise, most dairy, seed, and vegetable oils, and obviously processed foods.

Can you survive eating foods most people do? Sure. Can you thrive? Absolutely not. If you're searching for a solution to a health crisis or just want to live optimally, you need to begin the process of Eating By Design. You'll never look back.


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