Renton WA Chiropractor May Help TMJ

Renton WA Chiropractor May Help TMJ

Chiropractor May Help TMJ

Surprisingly, the jaw is one of the many parts of the body that Renton WA chiropractors can help. An easy plan for back and neck pain is to simply seek chiropractic care, however, patients suffering from TMJ or temporomandibular Joint Disorder in Renton WA will discover chiropractic is an excellent option for them as well.

What Is TMJ?

TMJ is a number of issues that hinder the temporomandibular joint in your jaw. Connecting your jaw and your skull, this joint tends to be where issues lie with muscle and ligaments when struggling with movement of the jaw.

Common symptoms of TMJ include pain involving the jaw, cheek, and teeth, a clicking noise when using the jaw, jaw locking up, or a limited range of motion in your jaw. Sometimes you may encounter that your teeth will not come together correctly while your mouth is closed. Individuals with TMJ have also reported headaches, trouble hearing, dizziness, and ear pain.

Causes of TMJ

When you schedule a consultation, your Renton WA chiropractor will go in-depth to discover the causes of your TMJ. Common causes include a dislocated jaw or trauma, physical or emotional pressure and possibly going to the dentist or orthodontist because they require you to leave your mouth wide open for an extended period of time. TMJ from emotional stress is typically caused by clenched teeth. Women are four times as likely to experience TMJ compared to men.

Can Renton WA Chiropractic Help TMJ?

After a TMJ diagnosis from your chiropractor, you will be given a specialized care plan. Our team at Lakeside Spine and Wellness will look at every component of your TMJ to find the underlying cause of your issues before administering care. Common chiropractic for TMJ will include chiropractic adjustments, specialized exercise plans, and heat or ice to deal with pain.

If you are suffering from TMJ, contact us immediately to get an appointment set up. All care is specially designed to eliminate the underlying cause of your TMJ and put you on the road to recovery.

At Lakeside Spine and Wellness our team is committed to helping you find relief from your TMJ, contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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